7 March 2016

Pink Pleats

pink pleated skirt

Every morning I see the ray of light coming from behind my tiny curtain getting brighter and brighter. Which makes me very happy because it is a sign that spring is coming! So are the colours in your wardrobes because the happy, hot & colourful seasons are starting!

10 February 2016

It’s all natural

Earth tone outfit skirt

Because of my brown-green-grayish eyes, I love natural colour schemes. Just give me some rusty red, muddy brown & mustard yellow. I will make it work. Don’t get me wrong, I love some vivid colour too once in a while. But you can never go wrong with all-natural look!

25 January 2016

Stylish ways to wear mustard

Ways to wear mustard

When you think about yellow, you immediately start thinking about summer. But the past seasons we took this colour in its many shades to other seasons as well. We have seen some mustard on the catwalks as one of the colours for spring already. So we’ll still be all about yellow in the future. But if your inpatient like me, you can just start wearing it already. Yes even during the winter you can pull it off. But do it right!

17 January 2016

Trend: A pastel winter wonder

Pastels winter putfit

FINALLY! We had some snow. Ok, I admit. It really wasn’t a lot of snow and it actually was a shower of hail. But for me it counts as a late Christmas. The great thing is… that there’s a lot more to come. True, there are some downsides to the cold weather. For example the fact that I’m not feeling too well and I’m being banished to the sofa for a few days. On the upside: all of my winter clothes (and that’s A LOT) will get used at last! I have a whole bunch of nice trendy winter looks coming up. So get ready.

10 December 2015

The perfect citytrip outfit!

Citytrip Zürich

Will this be the last autumn outfit of the year? Who knows… In Belgium, where the seasons refuse to change, nothing is certain. But in Zürich, where it’s 10 degrees colder, it should most definitely be. So ok, it’s not the last autumn outfit. But it is a very easy citytrip outfit!

30 November 2015

Striped blue shirt


It’s a go-to basic, the blue striped button down shirt. But the fact that it’s a basic doesn’t mean it’s boring at all. It’s that kind of thing you need in your closet. Depending on what you combine it with you can were it for any occasion. Really, any occasion. Whatever mood you’re in! The striped shirt is easy to style for every event or season, all year round. Some things just never go out of style!