11 December 2016

Each moment deserves a fragrance

Each moment deserves a fragrance - #moments by Reload

When it comes to perfume, I really can’t choose. There are so many good fragrances. But I don’t want to stick to one of them every day. There is a clear difference between a summer and a winter and a day and a night perfume. Are we going to walk around in the city today? Or will I have a busy day in the office? All these moments deserve their own perfume.

9 June 2016

Beautiful & healthy nails with Sopolish

Beautiful & healthy nails with Sopolish

Every girl wants her nails to be permanently beautiful and (even more important) healthy, right? Well, I definitely do. I’m one of those girls who does her nails in the morning on the way to work. To be honest; this is not the best time of the day to do it, cause entering the office with polish that is still wet can result in pretty awkward handshakes. As you can probably imagine.

26 March 2016

My Easter accessories wishlist

Easter accessories wishlist

Easter is coming up. Yet another occasion to make a wishlist for your family, boyfriend or maybe just yourself ;). I know not everybody is used to giving presents on Easter. Some like the family dinner and the search for eggs more. But with the changing of the seasons I had the idea of making a list with spring/summer accessories you want to have in your closet.

21 March 2016

(No) Time for the blues

Time for the blues

Spring has officially started and here is the answer to the burning question: ‘What colours are hot and ready to wear right now?’ One look at the collections for spring / summer 2016 made it very clear, it’s time for some blue in our lives.