13 June 2017

Time for some elegance

Time for some elegance - Just Watch

Officially, my calendar tells me that it’s still spring. But judging by the temperature and the sunny blue skies, unofficially summer has already started. That summer breeze calls for an appropriate summer outfit, but most of all for some suiting accessories. For example a fashionable watch like this one.

This trendy fashion accessory from Just watch combines design and quality. The brand, which is new in Belgium, is known for its elegant lifestyle look, fitting right into my everyday life. I have to be honest. I used to prefer the digital ones. And I do have some nice and elegant looking models in my closet as well. But nothing beats the distinguished look of an analogue one. So slowly I’m getting used to these tiny arrows telling me the time. But most of all, I love how beautiful it looks around my arm!

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