11 December 2016

Each moment deserves a fragrance

Each moment deserves a fragrance - #moments by Reload

When it comes to perfume, I really can’t choose. There are so many good fragrances. But I don’t want to stick to one of them every day. There is a clear difference between a summer and a winter and a day and a night perfume. Are we going to walk around in the city today? Or will I have a busy day in the office? All these moments deserve their own perfume.

That’s why I was really happy when Reload contacted me to test their ‘new way to wear perfume’, #moments by Reload. This mini spray-bottle with separate changeable fillings can be fitted to your desires and lifestyle. The new perfume brand, has been built in a relentless search for innovation, lifestyle and freedom. #moments by reload has been created in partnership with the world leader of fine fragrance: Firmenich. This collaboration resulted in an exclusive collection of 12 Eaux de Toilettes. These are divided in 3 big aspirational moments: #travel, #lifestyle & #night.

I received a box with 5 items: the mini-spray, One fragrance from each big moment refills and an additional case.



I got the #tokyo fragrance from the #travel range. It’s a light mix of pear, cherry and cherry blossom. Perfectfor a day in the city. The perfume is bright and awake, which reminds me of the rhythm of a busy city. I’ve never been in Tokyo, but if this is the feeling that matches it. Then I already know my next destination!


In the #lifestyle range I tested the #fashion one. This one is all about expression and attitude. The trendy fragrance is sweet and happy. Touches of red fruits, rose and patchouli make this the perfect daytime perfume. Light but noticeable and sweet in an elegant way.


From the #night range I got the #nightlife. This sexy and heavier fragrance is perfect to go out. Raspberry, rum and vanilla are the notes to this perfect creation. The scent lingers for a long time. Don’t worry if you need a refresh after some dancing. The mini spray fits perfectly in your elegant purse, so you can have it with you all night!

Each moment deserves a fragrance - #moments by Reload

It’s hard to pick a favourite. They’re all perfect for a different moment. At this time of year, I prefer the #night one for the coming Christmas parties. I love the pinch of vanilla that gives me a nice warm feeling. Exactly what a winter perfume needs to do. Who knows, tomorrow I might go for the #fashion to go to work! It’s the perfect combination. I’m super happy with my early Christmas present from Reload and can only conclude that this customizable set of fragrances is definitely wish list proof!

Each moment deserves a fragrance - #moments by Reload

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