23 May 2016

Casual Chic: my style

Casual Chic: my style

A few days ago, I had a singing performance. Next to the question if I was going to get that high note right, there was also the question of the wardrobe. I decided to keep it simple, casual chic.

A casual chic outfit

A Lady Gaga move is something for after my big breakthrough (just joking). This time it was only my voice that really mattered. But off course I wanted to wear something that looked good. The most important thing was that I felt comfortable. So I ended up going for my own comfortable chic style. A jeans and a nice shirt. That’s all I needed. Add some funky black Oxford shoes and there you have it: Rock & Roll 😉

The performance

Did I hit the note? You bet I did. It was a great night, I enjoyed singing for a small audience. I can’t wait to do it again. What an adrenaline rush.

Lesson learned

Let’s end this with a little piece of advice. Keep it comfortable and simple, and you will shine anyway!

Pants: Mango

Top: Mango

Shoes: Pimkie

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