7 March 2016

Pink Pleats

pink pleated skirt

Every morning I see the ray of light coming from behind my tiny curtain getting brighter and brighter. Which makes me very happy because it is a sign that spring is coming! So are the colours in your wardrobes because the happy, hot & colourful seasons are starting!


I know exactly what this time of year needs: a little pink! Pleats are also still doing well. Instead of the big ones we saw in 2015, they now have to be tiny and precise. So what about a trendy pink pleated maxi skirt? I’m sold on the idea!

What better way to pump up the colour than with a nice pink maxi skirt? I never owned a maxi skirt  until now, and I love it! I got this one from Shein. It fits like a glove.

This Pink Pleated Maxi Skirt makes a statement. The shiny material makes it light and wearable for every occasion. I chose to combine it with a denim shirt to dress it down. A real ‘boyfriend’ shirt this time. Not as a figure of speech. I had to rob my boyfriend’s closet to get it.  But wear it with a blazer for a party and you will definitely turn some heads. I’m already looking in my closet to combine it for other occasions and styles. It’s a keeper!

Maxi skirt: Shein

‘Boyfriend’ shirt: Ralph Lauren

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