3 February 2016

My beauty crush: Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick

My beauty crush visual

Ok, the Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick has been on the market for more than a year already. But I had no experience with this combination. When I tried it, I fell in love with the product. It’s so practical and beautiful. The Brightening Brick combines your basic make-up products in only one package. Which means you have a couple of items less too loose in your bag. Great!

So I decided to try it. Because, if it’s possible to combine bronzer, blush and a highlighter in only one box. Wouldn’t that be a lot more practical??? I’m not a girl that likes to take her whole beauty case with her. Only 2 or 3 products in my purse suffice. Wouldn’t it be great to reduce the number off products you use and concentrate on some good ones? Also, I was looking for an easy to use product to lighten up my whole face in just a few swipes. And that’s exactly what it does. So let’s review this combo.

What does the Brightening Brick do?

The Brightening Bricks are blush / bronzer/ highlight hybrids. The promise is a combination of a healthy glow and a warm natural lit-from-within look. There are four shades of Brightening Bricks (pink, pastel pink, coral and cranberry). I tried the cranberry one, because it suits my complexion the best.

Working together

There is a big difference between your blush and bronzer. You can choose only one of them or use them together. Depending on your tan, the season or the look you’re going for. Once you combine them, the most important thing is that they have to work together to give you a perfect blended result.

Working with the product

How I like to use it? My skin tends to need a healthy shimmer. Especially during the winter, I don’t want to get that pale -in desperate need for vitamin D- look. I need something to brighten my skin, to get the lit-from-within-glow. First I take the softer and lighter combination of colours to apply all over my face. Only use a little bit, just enough to get a subtle glow. Then I take the darker, deeper tones and concentrate them on my cheeks. Blend the two layers in and there you go. In only a few minutes it gives you a mixture of colour, warmth and light.

Day to night look

The great thing about the product is that you can choose how you want to apply and combine the different aspects. Are you going for a combination? Or do you only use the bronzer by day and an extra layer of blush by night? It’s all your choice.

The result

This high-quality product perfectly combines blush, bronzer and highlighter into one compact package. Yes, I’m addicted now.

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