10 February 2016

It’s all natural

Earth tone outfit skirt

Because of my brown-green-grayish eyes, I love natural colour schemes. Just give me some rusty red, muddy brown & mustard yellow. I will make it work. Don’t get me wrong, I love some vivid colour too once in a while. But you can never go wrong with all-natural look!

And what exactly are those earth tone colours? Think about a warm brown, camel, mustard yellow, rusty red & mossy green. The earthy colour palette is so easy to style and combine. Even if you stay in the same colour range you can play with the tones, deepness and darkness / lightness. Actually when you go all natural there are no rules for the kind of fabric or fit. You can wear of skin tight brown dress with a rusty red purse or an oversized warm green sweater with muddy brown pants.

Like we have seen in the Kendall Jenner for Mango Tribal Spirit collaboration: the ethnic-inspired trend for February is hot. So let’s heat up these rainy days with some warm colours. Take a look at my earth tone outfit. What do you think?

Skirt: Springfield

Top: vintage piece

Leather necklace: Pieces

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