17 January 2016

Trend: A pastel winter wonder

Pastels winter putfit

FINALLY! We had some snow. Ok, I admit. It really wasn’t a lot of snow and it actually was a shower of hail. But for me it counts as a late Christmas. The great thing is… that there’s a lot more to come. True, there are some downsides to the cold weather. For example the fact that I’m not feeling too well and I’m being banished to the sofa for a few days. On the upside: all of my winter clothes (and that’s A LOT) will get used at last! I have a whole bunch of nice trendy winter looks coming up. So get ready.

First up: A pastel winter look! This time I took a risk with a green and brown checkered jacket. At least I thought I did. But it turns out that it pairs nicely with almost every outfit and color. Actually, this print is always fashionable and sophisticated. It looks beautiful with a pastel mint color. Lucky me, because that’s my favorite color. In addition, it is also the trend this winter to go for a cheerful pastel color. They will certainly not only be for hot summer days. From now on, you wear the pastels all year round.

The mint suede top feels soft and comfortable. It’s the perfect winter fabric. Pair it up with a black skirt & tights. Finish it off with some brown boots.  There you have it: the perfect winter outfit. Take a look yourself. What do you think?

Top: Steps

Jacket: s. Oliver

Boots: Tamaris

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