4 January 2016

New Year’s eve in twenties style

New Year's eve in twenties style

This is the story of how I transformed into a twenties lady with red lips and a flapper dress for New Year’s eve…

NY eve - twenties dress

The look

New Years eve in a twenties theme, it was a brilliant idea. But with only two weeks to go, planned full with work days and Christmas parties, there just was no time to search for the dress I really wanted…

But oh boy, what did I get myself into! I spent an entire week making my own dress. Well, let’s be honest, I didn’t start from scratch. I started with a black dress form Even & Odd. It was my blank canvas. After a few evenings of putting on the black sequins, black pearls and the ribbons underneath, the real work started: the tiny little golden pearls. Those bastards took me forever. But I finished just in time to sparkle at the party a few hours later. Want to see the result?

New years eve - flapper dress New years eve - flapper dress New years eve - flapper dress

The make-up

When it comes to lipstick, I’m still a little shy. I really love the look of it. But where is it accepted to wear? Only at parties or also during day time? Best not to try it at work… I know myself. At the end of the day my whole face will probably be red. I tend to touch my face a lot while I’m thinking. So better safe than sorry. I only owned two lipstick before. So I guess the time had come for a brighter red for the twenties-look-lip. At the MAC store I bought the ‘Russian Red’ lipstick and a Pro Longwear Lip Pencil ‘He Said, She Said’. Armed with my first lip pencil ever and a layer of lipstick I began the night. I have to say. It stays on for a long time. The pencil gives the lipstick this darker, richer color and gives you a beautiful finish! Don’t worry about your luscious red lips while you are dancing cause this baby sticks for a few hours. You can still keep the pencil in your purse to do some touch-ups later in the evening. I’m a fan!

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