10 November 2015

SOS Hot Autumn Weather

Stop, don’t hide your summer outfits yet! Newsflash… it may be autumn, but it’s still hot outside! Or, in Belgium at least. Sometimes the temperature is even higher than on a typical summers day. No need for warm winter clothes just yet. While the weather gods are arguing to give us a longer summer instead of a cold autumn, let’s take this chance to wear our beautiful summer clothes for just a little longer.

Just pair them with some longer winter boots or tights. It gives you the perfect combination between hot and cold. Of course it looks awesome as well. So let’s combine something light with something heavy. Why not, it’s the perfect combination for this time of the year.

Don’t worry… there will be plenty of days with sweater weather later this year 😉

Boots: Tamaris

Skirt: La P’tite Etoile

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